28 December 2014

Von Bauchschmerzen Update #2. . .

General von Bauchschmerzen and escort in freshly applied Sap Green uniform and lap blanket.

Tinkered around for maybe 90 minutes this afternoon and early evening after supper and the Young Master's bedtime, redoing the green of von Bauchschmerzen's lap blanket and painting the uhlan escort's uniform in the same color.  For this, I used Winsor & Newton's Griffin Alkyd Oil 'Sap Green' mixed with a healthy dollop of Liquin Original.  

The color is a bit bright over a white undercoat, perhaps, but still a bit more muted than that Citadel acrylic Dark Angels Green with which I initially painted the general's lap blanket yesterday.  I also painted all of the harnesses and straps on the two horses and gave the base a once over with some acrylic raw umber.  That will get the usual sand and Woodland Scenics treatment in a few days once everything is painted fully and treated with two coats of acrylic gloss varnish.  

Tomorrow, I'll finish the uhlan and attend to any touch-up work that needs doing.  In the meantime, I had better sort through those 80 RSM95 infantry, and get the first 20 or so ready for painting.

-- Stokes

And here is another lovely and quiet seasonal scene by Swedish artist Jenny Nystrom, which I believe comes from an old Christmas card from 1910.


John said...

Happy New Year to all in the peaceful Dutchy of Stollen. Love the Blog!

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you, John! Welcome, and Happy New Year to you!

Best Regards,


Scheck said...

A colourful, nice work you did! I also experienced with this light green, called "parrot green" and had several tries to get it. Yours looks splendid.
A good, successful and miniatures-ful 2015!!


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