27 December 2014

Von Bauchschmerzen in Progress. . .

General Alfons von Bauchschmerzen (aka Maurice de Saxe by Minden Miniatures and Westfalia Miniatures) and wicker carriage take shape.

A relaxed, quiet Christmas Saturday today.  Time to get caught up with several loads of laundry (my big weekly household chore) and some painting.  Probably two-three hours at the painting desk, working on von Bauchschmerzen and his carriage.  Not quite done, but I'm pleased with the way things are developing.  Tomorrow, besides the inevitable touch-ups, it's on to the team of horses and Uhlan rider/escort.  With any luck, I can apply the usual two coats of acrylic gloss on Monday and begin the groundwork on the base to finish things.  Then, it will be time to prime a company of RSM-95 infantry (19 figures) and start on those before coming back to the troop of Uhlans de Saxe (8 figures and horses) that will escort the coach and general  pictured above.  But now, Saturday evening, it's time to spend some time with the Grand Duchess.

-- Stokes

Here's another quiet post-Christmas seasonal image this morning, an old cover of New Yorker magazine from December 1960.

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Springinsfeld said...

Excellent work so far, and what a great model. Hope you got the laundry finished too.


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