18 December 2014

Pontonier Update #4: The Browns

The latest Minden pontonier in-progress photograph.

Lots going on here at the moment, including some final grade calculations, so these can be submitted in the next 24 hours online, and then it's relatively smooth sailing into Christmas.  Nevertheless, I've managed to ma e a bit more progress on the 28 Minden pontoniers, including various brown boards, tools, black stocks, and dark blue facings on the four figures wearing their coats.  Plus the usual and inevitable tiny touch-ups of course.  Not perfect by any means, but they don't look half bad. 

Getting to the home stretch with these soon.  Really just hair and/or wigs, a few pouches and scabbards and wrapping up the two pontoons in the background.  Plus the usual and inevitable touch-ups before a couple of coats of acrylic gloss varnish are applied, and I call 'em finished.  And then it's onwards to General von Bauchschmerzen and his wicker carriage.  With any luck, I might be able to wrap up most of the work on that before Christmas Day.  Cross your fingers!

-- Stokes

And here is today's rather quiet seasonal Swedish (or Norwegian?) vintage greeting card, depicting a remote farm with its 'nisse' (a small gnome-like creature) in the snow outside one of the outbuildings.  Makes me want to hitch up a couple of horses to a sleigh with some jingle bells and go for a ride around the valley.


Der Alte Fritz said...

The pontooniers are coming along nicely. I see some Uhlans in the background.

Paul Robinson said...

More excellent work. Just need to find a decent river crossing scenario to use them. I'm sure you have that well in hand as with everything you seem to do.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you for you kind comments, men! These figures are terrific fun to paint. Just different enough from anything else I've done that painting has not been a slog through the mud this time around. And of course high quality figures help immensely too. And yes, I've got few Charles S. Grant scenarios in mind for the upcoming solo game in the new year.

Best Regards,


Scheck said...

It´s easily to seen how you liked it to paint them - they really look fresh and accurate. Especially the wooden parts are marvelous!


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