15 November 2014

The Last Few Bits and Pieces. . .

The final few bits and pieces of the wagon train, barring the previously mentioned Colonel von Bauchschmerzen, his coach, horses, and uhlan escort.  Von Bauchschmerzen, due to be painted next month, has in the meantime stopped off for several days in Karlsbad, to take the springs, before continuing on toward Dresden.  Once there, he is to pick up a large order of porcelain tableware ordered by his wife, Frau von Bauchschmerzen.  

Call it an exercise in speed painting this weekend.  I've got a bit of a lull for a few days before I am inundated with various student papers and/or drafts thereof, which will occupy considerable time from now until the end of the term in about three weeks.  So, I've decided to see how far along I can get with the four-horse team and the various drivers pictured above by Sunday evening.  

Cross your fingers and toes though.  The Grand Duchess has a day-long regional conference here in town all day today, so it's just the boys here at home.  I've promised the Young Master that we will bundle up and go for a walk outside after lunch with, depending on his wishes, perhaps a trip on the side to his favorite cafe downtown for a cookie and some hot chocolate.

-- Stokes


CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear heinz-Ulrich,
Words from a person of a certain age:
Never, never miss an opportunity for hot chocolate and cookies with the young. That is a moment which, once gone, can never exactly be relived. You can always paint a toy soldier -but will you remember it as much as the moment when your son loks over and says "Thanks, dad. This was great!"
Enjoy what remains of the weekend,
Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus

Scheck said...

Don´t worry, I have the same problems with students papers (more: plans and models) and the miniature painting is paused. That´s life. We follow you anyway and are curious to see more of your fine paintings, whenever you find time!


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