25 November 2014

Suren Suttleresses in Progress. . .

The three ladies in question, currently under the brush.

All of the various bits and pieces of my pontoon and supply train have been finished except for the remaining groundwork for that red caisson and it's four-horse team. Watch for some Kodak moments here in the coming days. 

Otherwise I'm taking a small diversion during the long Thanksgiving Weekend and painting up a few of those Willie (Suren) female figures ordered last spring, along with a small supply and provisions tent and table -- plus various bits of sustenance and a few trunks, crates, and barrels -- before moving onto the Minden pontooniers in the background and then that 80-figure composite regiment of RSM95 infantry, which will be painted up as a unit of Ernestine Sachsen infantry and a conjectured battle flag.

Anyway, I am basing the colors of the attire worn by the three suttleresses above on the following painting of Frederick II exchanging some sore of interaction with, presumably, Prussian peasants.

So far, so good.  The painting on the one test figure in the middle went quickly, and the Willie figures really lend themselves to painting with thin washes and stains.  Lots of deep folds for the runny pigments to settle into  I might even be able to wrap up the other two gals this evening after supper and the Young Master's bedtime.  Tune in again tomorrow for an update.

-- Stokes

Frederick II talks to potato growers, the painting I am using as a guide for the colors of the suttleresses shown above.  I can just imagine ol' Fritz speaking to the farmers and field hands in some variety of Low German, since I believe I have read somewhere that he detested the German language in general and preferred French.  Perhaps, I'm wrong.


Si Bath said...

I think they'll look tremendous when finished and old master pieces are such a good idea for inspiration. I do the same for ADCs.


Michael Peterson said...

That must have been an awkward conversation.
"And that, is that a potato?"
"Yes, sire."
"And they grow like that, just on the ground?"
"Yes, sire, pretty much."
"Amazing And how long have you been a potato farmer?"
"All my life, sire"
"Ah. You must enjoy the work, then."

Those three ladies look very ... buxom. Nice figures.


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