28 November 2014

Presenting the Finished Sutleress Vignette. . .

Submitted for your approval, the now finished Suren sutleress vignette.

Here it is.  A wee bit too grassy (I wish a bit more sand showed through the grass scatter material), but let's just say these enterprising ladies have chosen a sunny, grassy area some distance from the main road to set up shop in sight of any troops marching by. 

I won't be doing anymore non-combatant scenes for a while, but the next such tableaux on the long-term mental list will be either a group of soliders' wives (Suren/Willie figures) doing the laundry around a big, boiling cauldron. . .   or a Lutheran pastor (Black Hussar Miniatures) attempting to save a group of  fallen women (more Suren/Willie figures) overseen by their madam, who I have christened the Naughty Lola. 

Relax, guys!  No nudie figures to see here, just more of these delightfully weird and characterful female figures culled from the various 30mm Suren/Willie ranges currently in production.  All I can say is that the late Ted Suren clearly must have had unresolved issues with the women in his life.

In the meantime, the two dozen or so Minden Miniatures castings on clear view in many recent photos will become two companies of pontooniers in the next few weeks.  Hopefully before Christmas.  There might be another vignette or two of mounted officers in there as well if the elusive painting muse stays with me.  And then, that long-delayed regiment of 80 RSM95 infantry, whose four companies are destined to wear four different uniforms based on the three contingents of the Ernestine Sachsen infantry and the grenadiers of Poland's Crown Guard Grenadier regiment.  A busy couple of months ahead, painting-wise.

-- Stokes


Phil said...

What a beautiful job, I like it so much, glad to see this inspired work!

Allan Tidmarsh said...

Great little vignette, just the right place to get a yummy snack

Peter Douglas said...

Lovely group Stokes!

I'll have a mug of cheap brandy or rough cider please!


Springinsfeld said...

What a great little scene. Well done.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you, men! This was a fun diversion envisioning, assembling, and painting the diverse pieces that make up the scene. Every set-up, regardless of the period, needs some camp followers!

Best Regards,



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