29 November 2014

Lightbox Photographs of the Sutleress Vignette. . .

A better photograph of the various and sundry supplies stacked behind the sutleress tent.  Bundles, barrels, and bales of stuff along with a hammered tin lantern on top of the pile.

Here are two final photographs of the sutleress vignette, taken in the 'ol foamcore board lightbox a short while ago, this time against my preferred neutral light blue background.  The figures are, as mentioned many times already, from the various sub-ranges of 30mm Suren (Willie) figures.  The supplies and provisions come from several different manufacturers, including Minden Miniatures, Eureka, and (I think) Foundry.  The table and tent were scratch-built with white card for the former, copier paper for the latter, and bits of toothpicks.

Except for the alkyd oil fleshtone, everything was painted with acrylic washes over a base of white acrylic gesso.  Two coats of acrylic gloss varnish were then applied to everything in the vignette as and when it was finished.  Last of all, the base was finally treated with sand (stained with a Raw Umber acrylic wash) and then Woodland Scenics fine grass scatter material was added with several clumps of tree foliage glued atop that, to approximate clumps of weeds.  Now, I don't know about you, but I feel like some fresh bread, cheese, and wine looking at the various goodies these ladies are displaying for sale on their tabletop.

-- Stokes

And here's a fairly nice shot of the front side of the same vignette, showing various foodstuffs atop and beside a scratch-built table made from two layers of thick white card and bits of toothpicks for the legs.


Matt said...

Yes, the ladies do have a lot on display. Very nice!

Robbie Rodiss said...

Afternoon Stokes,
I am very impressed by the use of a light box, it really brings the figures to life.
Well done, Robbie.

Conrad Kinch said...

Nice work there Stokes. What's next?

Scheck said...

Indeed, the photography is outstanding. But i also like your sense for details, how sou arranged this little vignette. Very precious!


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