22 November 2014

Just the Clear Acrylic Varnish Left. . .

Here's where things stand with the last few items for the supply and pontoon train.

Snatching bits and pieces of available time yesterday and today to get those RSM95 and Minden pieces finished and varnished.  I worked through the painting process a bit ***backwards this time around just to shake things up, so the alkyd oil fleshtone on the faces needs to dry before I can apply two coats of glossy acrylic varnish and then attach the five drivers, currently astride a paintbrush and a pencil, to their previously completed teams and do the groundwork for the caisson and four-horse team in the background.  

Except for the oil-based fleshtone, all of the figures and horses shown above have been painted with acrylic stains and washes over a base of my usual white acrylic gesso (two coats) this time around rather than the usual treatment of oils thinned with Liquin Original and acrylics for some limited detailing.   I used Liquitex Flow Aid to thin the various Citadel and old, old, old bottles of Ral Partha colors used.  

The more eagle-eyed among you might also notice that I've skipped picking out small metal details on any of the limber horse harnesses, straps, and so forth in this last batch of figures, opting instead for my now usual wash of dark brown over the white basecoat.  And I've left it there.  That method of painting the "leather" items involved looks convincing enough in 25-30mm.  Moreover, I, for one, don't notice much difference once everything is done.  Not worrying about picking out admittedly tiny details like bits and buckles, likewise, speeds up the painting process form start to finish without a dobut.  Stay tuned for more photographs once everything is completely finished.

Then, it will be time to get started on those two companies of pontooniers in the distant background, General von Bauchschmerzen and his wicker carriage, before finally moving along to that long-planned 80-figure regiment of RSM95 infantry, which will join the Army of Zichenau once completed this winter.  And somewhere in there, I'd like to stage a solo game since it has been quite some time since the armies of Stollen and Zichenau took the field against one another.  Some kind of bridge crossing or wagon train scenario should do it.  I'll need to persue the relvant Charles S. Grant scenario works when the time comes.  

Of course, those three new Crann Tara mounted English general officers finally arrived yesterday from the United Kingdom, so they'll need painting before long, and then it will be time to redo the evil, twisted, and nefarious General Phillipe de Latte and his obsequious sidekick Major Paolo di Biscotti using Minden figures.  Funny how even when you think you're done, or almost nearly so, you're never really done.  Know what I mean?

-- Stokes


Paul Robinson said...

Very nice they are too

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

Sometimes its the journey not the destination.

Looking good though.

Scheck said...

I feel very similar with my painting projects, using and thinning colors and such stuff. You are right, you improve your painting by adding richness of smaller details - it´s a joy to see. Thanks for letting us take part of that project. Glad to see them in deployment with the troops.

Bloggerator said...



Bah, 'tis all a matter of perspective.

de L


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