28 November 2014

Freshly Glossed!

The three ladies in question are now all dry, have been given two coats of shiny acrylic varnish, and detached from their temporary bases.  They are now awaiting completion of their lemonade stand, which is currently in-progress.

So far, so good.  Managed to gloss the three Suren sutleresses yesterday and even work a bit here and there on their tent and provisions for sale in between various cooking and table setting activities for the American Thanksgiving holiday.  Thank you for the kind holiday wishes everyone, but the way.  

If all goes well, I should be able to wrap up the tent and wares today, apply the usual gloss, and maybe even do the usual minimal groundwork that I add to my vignette and vehicle bases to help set the scene.  I've also ordered a small early Christmas gift to myself from Minden Miniatures.  Just a handful of figures really, you know, to help complete a few other ongoing or planned vignettes.  But enough prattle!  Time to repair to the painting table.

-- Stokes

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