06 November 2014

Ah, another 29th birthday. . .

A rather idealized portrait of the Duke of Cumberland.

Today is again my "29th" birthday -- funny how quickly these seem to come around -- and, in celebration, I've ordered myself three new Richard Ansell sculpts, sold by Crann Tara Miniatures in the United Kingdom.  With any luck, the Duke of Cumberland, Lord Albemarle, and Henry Hawley, plus their steeds, should wing their way to my doorstep before too many days elapse.  Once here, they'll form another wonderful little staff vignette, which I'll paint up during the long Christmas Break.  I'm looking forward to it.  Can you tell?  The remaining six wagons and carts are just about done by the way, and afterwards, there is a rather large regiment of RSM95 infantry in the painting queue.  Sigh.  No rest for the wicked!

-- Stokes

Later. . . 

Thank you for your kind birthday wishes, everyone!  It has been a low-key, but nonetheless joyous birthday celebration.  In silent observance of the occasion, I even wore a recently acquired double-breasted, drape cut wool flannel suit in cream and charcoal Glen Plaid to campus today.  Admittedly, I felt a bit less like Cary Grant and more Jimmy Cagney, or perhaps a young Edward G. Robinson (but taller), albeit without the requisite fedora and nickle-plated heater inside my coat.  "You dirty, rat!  You killed my brother!  Yeah, you!  See?  Yeah!" 

Undoubtedly, I looked like a complete freak to my students (we don't see too much of this sort of thing in my neck of the woods, you know), but I felt good, and this must be one of the most comfortable suits I've ever worn.  It's almost like having nothing on at all, and yet it is surprisingly warm on a blustery, raw day like we had today.  Sorry, guys.  No photographic evidence since the darn battery was dead in the camera.  Next time, ok?

An early dinner out with the Young Master and Grand Duchess followed this evening, and then chocolate cake, cards, and a few gifts at home afterwards.  These included the recently released Maurice de Saxe vignette from Minden Miniatures, given to me by the Young Master, and some of the new limber horses and civilian riders (to finish the supply and pontoon train) as well as some of the agricultural laborers, from the Grand Duchess.  As I always say, a birthday with model soldiers, especially when they are as high quality as these are, is a good birthday.  Come on Christmas Break!

And the 28mm version of the Duke by Crann Tara, soon to be making its way to Zum Stollenkeller along with Lord Albemarle and Henry Hawley.


Stryker said...

Stokes I'm amazed that you are actually over 21 - you look spiffing in that scarlet coat!

Andy McMaster said...

Happy Birthday! Those Crann Tara miniatures are lovely. I am desperately trying to resist ordering a unit of the French at a show at the end of this month!
Look forward to seeing yours painted.

Capt Bill said...

Happy Birthday. Every anniversary of you 29th birthday is a major victory...Bill

Bluebear Jeff said...

I remember many decades ago when at the birthday party of one of my grandmothers. She was asked how old she was.

Her reply was that she was "two Jack Bennys".

One of his schticks was that he was always "39" . . . so Maria was 78 that year.

Happy 29th, Stokes!

-- Jeff

Der Alte Fritz said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Fitz-Badger said...

Happy birthday, young man!
Sounds like some good acquisitions in honor of the occasion.

Gallia said...

The best years are ahead of you and happy birthday!
Cheers for you,
Bill P.

A.W. KITCHEN said...

Many happy returns of the day !, Tony

Allan Tidmarsh said...


happy birthday


Bloggerator said...




Chris Gregg said...

Yes, happy birthday from me too. Like you I always try to make sure someone is giving me new toys or books!
Chris G


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