03 September 2014

Still Tick, Tick, Ticking Along. . .

The final (for now) six wagons and carts in various stages of incompletion.

Despite a busy couple of weeks with the start of the new college semester, I've managed to snatch a little time here and there to work on the various supply train vehicles.  An errant French Napoleonic limber also arrived from Ireland in the midst of everything.  

Never one to shy away from ahistoricity, I tacked it and its horse team to bases and applied the necessary base-coats, figuring it will go well with everything else.  Hey, if the late Brigadier Young could include Napoleonic British Royal Horse Artillery in his otherwise 18th century armies, then I can certainly include a French Gribeauval limber with my own quasi-historic armies of the 1760s-1770s.  

Next up, the various brown oil glazes for the horses and Mr. Entwistle, who pulls the hay cart in the third row at the right.

-- Stokes


CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz-Ulrich,

At this point I imagine that your Royal overseers are supervising the harvest of grain throughout your realm. Perhaps some of your minions could be assigned to keep the wagons in the extraordinary condition they appear today. All of these items were done quite wonderfully and shall really enliven your battlefields.

Well done, my Royal Friend. well done!

Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus

Martin said...

Hey Stokes,

Things in the Commissary Department are looking up! If/When you get the time, you'll have to try out the "Wagon Train" scenario by C.S. Grant...and of course take plenty of photos to share with us.

Is Hives on vacation? It's been a while since we've had an update. !)


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