08 August 2014

Just a strapping lad. . .

The various straps, harnesses, collars, bridles, and reins have their wash of dark brown.

Whew!  Well, I juts finished all of the straps, harnesses, etc. a short while ago on the horses for the second batch of wagons.  

This must surely be one of the most tedious processes involved with painting any sort of horses for a pre-20th century tabletop army, cavalry or transport animals, but it's done.  I actually used a rather large, new #4 round brush wih synthetic bristles and a good point to do all of this and did not make too many mistakes that needed cleaning up.  Luckily.  

But now, it's on to the white markings on the equine muzzles legs, and ankles before continuing to the small metal bits and pieces.  Oh, and that stack of pontoons lurking in the back needs doing, but they should be fairly straightforward.  Then, comes the varnishing stage and finally the groundwork on the bases.  

And then finally -- ha, ha, ha -- the last batch of five transport vehicles: three wagons and two carts along with their horses and an ox.  Slowly, but surely, the pontoon and supply train is taking shape.

-- Stokes


David said...

All this waggon paraphernalia is splendid - I do love all the clutter of a horse and musket army! :-)

Nice work. Look forward to seeing the finished items. I know it's a slog but it's worth it.

All the best,


David said...

P.S. Sorry I don't comment often enough these days - never seem to have the time and energy to do so. Old age and infirmity take their toll, sadly [only half joking!]


tradgardmastare said...

Supply train taking shape very nicely indeed Stokes.I wondered if you were thinking of including a vignette of a farrier/blacksmith and his equipment to compliment the horses?

Si Bath said...


As ever these look great; I admire your focus to get them done. I would have wilted a long time ago! But...just how many wagons do you have?!

Best regards,


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thanks for your kind remarks and comments everyone! Alan, I do indeed have a completed Minden blacksmith and helper vignette from two winters ago to go with the mobile forge, but I need to paint up a scratch-built table with several of his tools on it. There is also another on of a dismounted Prussian hussar holding his horse by the reins, which I'll include as part of the scene. Simon, there are 15 or 16 (or 17?) carts and wagons all together. They are taking a bit longer than planned, but it's a fun diversion from the usual straight infantry and cavalry. David, the start of he new academic year is driving me to keep going with this now. By mid-September, there will be even less time and inclination to sit down in the evenings during the week to do this. Sadly.

Best Regards,


Conrad Kinch said...

Keep at it Stokes. I hope you're planning on giving these wagons a suitable christening on the table top.

Matt said...

I applaud your dedication - the final product will be worth the effort.


Paul Robinson said...

I hate painting horse furniture. So much of a chore than belts on figures - probably because there's so much more of it.
Having said that I do admire your work and applaud your efforts.


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