13 July 2014

Back from the Edge of the Earth. . .

Here is where things stand with those first five wagons and carts.  Freshly glossed with two coats of shiny stuff and all done save for a wee bit of ground cover on the bases to approximate sandy tracks in the political, social, and cultural backwater that is the Grand Duchy of Stollen, somewhere in the vicinity of present-day Latvia.

In case anyone has wondered recently whether or not I've fallen from the edges of the earth, the answer is no.  Just trying to do too much with the little remaining free time before things begin gearing up for the autumn semester in about six weeks.  Sigh.  I'm already thinking about what needs doing where syllabi revisions are concerned (shakes head sadly).

On a slightly more positive note, I am extremely close to wrapping things up with the first five wagons and carts plus teams and drivers/drovers as you will observe above.  Only 11 to go, and then it's time to get to a rather large regiment of RSM95 infantry that's been in the lead pile for only about six years.  No rest for the wicked you know.

-- Stokes


Paul Robinson said...

Looking good for those wagons.4

Phil said...

Excellent work!

Bloggerator said...

Coming along very nicely there, young man.

I will have to follow you down the same road for my own ECW project.




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