07 June 2014

Here's where things stand at the moment. . .

So, Stokes.  How are things going with that supply and pontoon train?   Reasonably well, albeit at a leisurely painting pace.  The Grand Duchess and Young Master are away for 2+ weeks at the in-laws, and I am enjoying the utter peace, quiet, and time to myself.  Thoroughly.

You can see from these two photographs that the first four wagons and a vivandiere cart are about finished, and it's time to turn my attention the various beasts of burden and riders/drivers/drovers and the vivandiere herself.  Most of the horses have been given an undercoat of Humbrol enamel yellow, orange, or one of two browns.  

The air down here in Zum Stollenkeller was redolent with the aroma of solvent-based Humbrol this morning.  Cannot begin to fathom how many millions of brain cells I must have killed during last evening's two-hour session at the painting table.  However, I was able to make the coffee this morning and managed to shower and dress a short while later without too many difficulties, so things seem all right as far as I can tell.  Calculus and trigonometry might be a problem though, but then they always were.  And there is the question of that 6' white rabbit that keeps appearing through that wall to my left, checking its pocket watch, and asking, "Aren't you finished yet?  How about a dram of single malt and a cigar?  Come on!"  But I digress.

Anyway, the animals for the first four wagons and the vivandiere cart will next get the usual oil wash, white markings, etc. and then have their harness, straps, and collars picked out with various acrylic browns.  Last, but not least, the assorted humans will be issued with their flesh and clothing.  Finally, everything will be glossed, and the bases terrained.  Probably another four or five evenings of work on the current batch of vehicles et al.  Then, it's onto the next five wagons and carts.

In the meantime, be sure to tune in later during the week, to see the first batch of vehicles and teams all finished and ready to go.

-- Stokes

By the way, my five painting sessions so far have averaged about two hours at a time more or less.  Seems to be a good block of time before I need a break since some of this is repetitive and tedious.  But we're getting there slowly but surely.


Paul Robinson said...

I don't think lighting a cigar in your chemical atmosphere is a good idea.
A single malt - much better.
Figures look terrific.

tidders said...


looks like you have a lot to do at'wagonworks'- looking forward to seeing some of the finished items. Say hi to Harvey for me

-- Allan

Peter Douglas said...


I love the smell of solvent in the evening…

Enjoy your tinkering but take time out to go for a dram with Harvey. Say hi for me.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thanks for your comments and observations, men! I've just sent the rabbit upstairs to bring me a second cup of coffee. Can't imagine what's taking him so long. It's not like I take milk and sugar in it anymore.

Best Regards,



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