30 May 2014

The Spoils in Closer Detail. . .

The fully assembled Berliner Zinnfiguren Prussian mobile field forge with Fife & Drum limber horses and an RSM95 rider.

A few of you asked the other day for a peek at the items schlepped home from Berlin recently by the Grand Duchess, so here you are.

-- Stokes

Various Willie (Suren) 30mm ladies of ill repute, with The Naughty Lola at the center of things, and a 30mm Black Hussar Prussian military chaplain.  I'd say he has his work cut out for him. 

More 30mm Willie (Suren) sutleresses and vivandieres.  I'll use these in two or three small vignettes, one of which will include a couple of soldiers' wives tending a large pot of laundry over a fire and hanging wet things on a line.

 A 30mm Willie (Suren) plucky stable lad and running farm girl.

A 30mm Willie (Suren) bishop.  This one has, as yet, no practical application, but he was too good to pass up since he bears such a marked resemblance to Monty Python's Terry Jones.  "Oh no!  It's. . .   da Bishop!"

30mm Willie (Suren) dueling gentlemen, their seconds, and spectators.  A neat little vignette all on its own.  Eventually, I'll either add these to that bunch of Jacdaw frolicking aristocrats, painted in the spring of 2013, or make them dueling officers as part of a larger camp scene that I'm mulling over.

More 30mm Willie (Suren) figures, this time male servants and musicians, who will definitely become part of General Phillipe de Latte's retinue at some point in the not-too-distant future.  A very special "Thank-you" to my friend Stefan Schulz for his extremely kind and generous donation of the figures shown here and in the preceding photograph.  Much appreciated, Stefan.  Vielen Dank!

Finally, one of several items I purchased last Friday from Fife & Drum/Minden, which arrived Tuesday this week.  The 1/56th Fife & Drum French marshal on horseback, who is destined to become the "new" version of that most notorious cad and bounder. . .  the French mercenary-adventurer and veteran of the Seven Years War. . .  General Phillipe de Latte.  I opted to have him holding a spyglass and with his head covered, but the figure comes with an extra head and right arm holding his hat in salute, so there is a bit of room to create just the figure you want.  Just two small drops of Gorilla Super Glue, and voilĂ !  De Latte's arm and head were firmly in place.


Gallia said...

Bravo on your appealing assortment!
Cheers too,

Stryker said...

Looks like a good haul - I'd forgotten about 'da bishop' but you are right about the similarity!

Fitz-Badger said...

An excellent batch of figures!

With something like the two horses side by side, and glued to their stand, how do you paint the inside bits or the undersides of things like the wagons? Or is it not an issue, either because of the miniatures or your painting techniques?
The way I handle it is to not glue them down until those parts are painted. But I'm interested to hear what other people do.

Steve Turner said...

Love those personality figures, they'll paint up a treat.
Sorry Stokes, I've been away for a while (due to health problems) but after a couple of cataract ops. I can now see again and have restarted blogging. Here:
or here:

Always loved your site and I'll be back regularly now that I can actually read your posts again.
Steve Turner (aka Bob Black)


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