27 May 2014

A Small Celebration. . .

You and a guest are cordially invited to attend a formal ball, hosted by the Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II, to be held this evening at Krankenstadt Palace.  Festivities are to commence precisely at the hour of nine o'clock.

It seems, The Grand Duchy of Stollen blog has picked up another couple of followers during the last few days, raising the number to 201 souls who, apparently, are interested in my various and sundry occasional meanderings here.  In any case, a hearty welcome to you, thank you for your interest (it's nice to share one's hobby with like-minded people around the globe), and please continue to check in during the coming weeks when things will, hopefully, become a bit more interesting than has been the case in recent months.

-- Stokes

P. S.
The Grand Duchess is wending her way home circuitously from Berlin at the moment, via either Copenhagen or Amsterdam (maybe both), through New York's JFK and finally to Chicago O'Hare, followed by a four-hour wait before she can catch the shuttle bus down to the wilds that are Central Illinois.  Barring any unforeseen delays, she'll arrive here sometime after Midnight on Thursday morning. . .  exhausted I'm sure.  Naturally, I've decided to wait until much later Thursday, or even Friday, to bug her about the various toy soldier goodies she has in her suitcase. 

Later. . . 
A small package arrived with the mail earlier this afternoon from Fife & Drum/Minden Miniatures.  I took advantage of a Memorial Day Weekend sale to order five additional pairs of limber horses, another pontoon wagon, and the recently released French marshal on horseback.  The photograph below illustrates just how beautifully done this figure is, and I am looking very forward to painting him.  Perhaps just the way to get the painting mojo started again?  In any case, my figure is destined to become the "new" General Phillipe de Latte.  Of course, that means his aide de camp Major Paulo di Biscotti will also require an upgrade.  Jim "Der Alte Fritz" Purky, proprietor of Fife & Drum, advises that the French dragoon officer touching his hat in an almost salute would be ideal.

This photograph, swiped from the Fife & Drum Facebook page, shows two versions of the recently released Fife & Drum mounted French marshal.  Both were painted by Leuthen Studios.


CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz-Ulrich,

As you will notice, something has transpired which, for me, is completely unusual. I became a follower of yours! And why not?

Your blog is one of the truly outstanding places in the blog-o-sphere given the choice of interesting topics and literate presentation. Yes, it helps to be a an academic but I perceive that it is more than that. You have a gift for offering your thoughts in a clear, direct manner which is always a pleasure to read. My joining your following is my small, tangible way to support your efforts.

May your lively interest in the hobby and maintaining your blog continue for a long while.

Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus

PS: have you come into possesion of your treasure from the Berliner Zinnfiguren folks yet?

johnpreece said...

I believe the Victorians took self control as the mark of the truly civilised man.

Your forbearance in waiting for your toys is an example to us all.
I would have expected nothing less.

PS. I take it you will not be rifling through her suitcases while she sleeps?

Matt said...

Help her unpack. You remain the gentleman and get to find the toys too!

Si Bath said...

I am sure one's valet can come up with a suitably helpful wheeze to get the toys, and appear extremely helpful at the same time!!



guy said...

Thanks for the photo of the French Marshall figure. It is the first clear one I have seen on the web and superbly painted. its on the shopping list!



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