19 February 2014

Wagons ho!!!

No exactly an 18th century Prussian, Austrian, or Reichsarmee supply train, but. . . 

While I have no figure painting planned for this evening, tonight's the night when I'll sit down to order the eight or so wagons, carts, and teams I've decided on for my generic 18th century supply train from Old Glory/Blue Moon here in the United States.  I'll also inquire about and/or order a few extra things from Der Alte Fritz over at Fife & Drum Miniatures to round out the pontoon train given to me this past Christmas by the Grand Duchess and Young Master.  Ordering things is almost as much fun as receiving, painting, completing, and later playing with them you know.  Of course, we try to resist materialism and not be shopaholics or hoarders, but when it comes to occasional new figures and books, the pull is awfully hard to resist.

-- Stokes


And now that I think of it, the fact that I'm building the supply and pontoon trains means that, sooner or later, I'll have to add gun limbers and horse teams with maybe a few caissons at some point.  You see what I mean?  It's a slippery slope indeed.

 There!  I've done it!  Old Glory and Blue Moon wagons and teams ordered, and Fife&Drum and Minden items ordered and one question posed to Der Alte Fritz.  That was satisfying.  I can now go about family business and supper this evening with a much clearer mind and free heart, happy in the life I have chosen.  ;-)


Anonymous said...

Ah the curse of the catalogue. In the old days we'd make do with typed photo copied lists, and still are imaginations would run wild with the endless possibilities of all those figures. Now with on-line catalogues with pictures of the figures and galleries of painted miniatures what chance do we have.

guy said...

Great minds think alike. I have also been building up a wagon train over the last 18 months or so and next on the list is a pontoon train from Minden. I am copying shamelessly the ideas in Charles Grant's Wargaming in History books.

For the wagons so far I have used items from Front Rank, Perries and some old Hincliffe. Minden have some great drivers etc. Decent horses for wagons area bit more difficult to find. I don't particularly like the Front Rank ones. I did buy a couple of great cart horses from Redoubt at a show here in the UK. I will buy some from the Fife and Drum range.


CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz Ulrich,
Would the Old Glory horses packaged as extra horses for their ACW limbers work for you? They are a bit less expensive....
The nice thing about wagon trains and the like is that they can be a wonderful excuse for an ambush scenario. The also look brilliant as a wagon park to be defended or as a supply train which must get through to break a siege.
My minions in the Chancellery point out that the next thing on your to do list would be a nice set of tents for your troops.
All the very best and deepest regards to the Royal Family,
Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus


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