25 February 2014

Painting Progress So Far in 2014. . .

Sadly, I was too wiped out to paint last night after little sleep the night before, followed by a long day on Monday.  But here is where things stand so far for the year.  

By the way, a nice little package arrived from Fife&Drum-Minden Miniatures yesterday, and in only two days.  Yes, TWO days from the time Der Alte Fritz posted it until it arrived on our doorstep.  Now, I just live downstate from Greater Chicago, but that's pretty darn good customer service and shipping/handling if you ask  me.  Less than a week between making the initial order and receiving the goods.  Fun stuff unpacking those extra pontoons, horse teams, drivers, and wagon/horse riders yesterday evening.  

Now, all that's needed is the arrival of the Blue Moon and Old Glory wagons and carts that I ordered last week.  In the meantime, here is a run down of what I've managed to wrap up so far and what's planned for the coming months at the painting table. 

-- Stokes

2014-2015 Painting Queue

Remaining Vignettes (RSM95 and Minden) x 4 – Done

4-pounder French Guns (Fife &Drum) x 2 -- Done

Single ADC Figures (RSM and Fife&Drum) x 8 – In-Progress (almost done)


Wagon Train (Old Glory/Blue Moon/Fife&Drum) (8 wagons, teams, drivers)

Pontoon Train (Fife&Drum) x 3 wagons, 9 pontoons, teams, drivers

Model Forge x 1 (Berliner Zinnfiguren – Pick up in May 2014 when Grand Duchess visits Berlin.)


20-figure Augmented Sapper/Pontonier company (Minden)

80-figure Battalion (60 Ernestinisch Sachsen, 20 Reichstadt Koeln) (RSM95)

32-figure Militia Battalion (Fife&Drum and Minden)

15-figure Croat company (RSM95 and Minden)

Later. . . 

I received a brief e-mail with a tracking number from the Old Glory and Blue Moon-US people in Georgia.  The wagons, carts, and teams are on their way!  I feel like John Wayne in some old movie or the young Clint Eastwood as Rowdy Yates on the old Rawhide TV series.

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CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz-Ulrich,

Yes, it is sad when our plans for a quiet moment at the painting table do not materialize. On the other hand, receiving reinforcements and planning their adornment with lavish coats of paint, are a very, very decent substitute.

God speed in continuing with your fine efforts. We look forward to seeing your wagon train as it nears the pontoon bridge. Perhaps a cloud of hostile irregulars will be closing in as the wagoneers spur their charges towards safety and the outnumbered escort forms up for adesperate rear guard action.

Continued good wishes,

Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop emeritus


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