09 February 2014

Coming Soon. . .

Four more singly based Minden mounted cavalry officers (for use as aides de camp) are on the way.

While the current weekend has been busier than I would have preferred, I've nevertheless managed to squeeze in some painting time here and there, managing to finish a Minden Prussian dragoon officer and another from the cuirassiers.  Since the coming week will also be a bit tight, you'll just have to wait to see 'em until I also finish two Prussian hussar officers next weekend and have the chance to take some proper photographs of all four figures in the ol' foamcore lightbox.  While the winter cold and snow are great fun, and I managed to ski for a couple of hours both Saturday afternoon and today, I find myself already looking forward to the end of the college term at the start of May, when the pace of life will slow down a little bit, and I can turn my attention to the important stuff. .  .  like painting, a small game or two, some writing, and some actual painting with oils on canvas! 

-- Stokes


Michael Peterson said...

Tis a consumation devoutly to be wished, to be less busy. As a harried graduate student (a surprise turn at midlife), I find myself thinking fondly of the end of term.
Looking forward to seeing what's behind that curtain. :)

CelticCurmudgeon said...

Ah...end of term! For some twenty five years this was the course of my life - work all out for both fall and spring terms and get little done that was pleasurable. After the posting of grades at college there was a deep breath long enough to get ready for year's end at my day job in public school. Come the last week of June I left looking forward to sleeping in and not spending a day without painting figures or having a game.

Enjoy while you can. The failings of arthritis and poorer vision will make such efforts much more difficult in later years. I speak from experience.

And I share Michael's sense of anticipation about what lies behind that curtain!

gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus


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