05 February 2014

Blue Moon Painter Vignette. . .

The artiste "Fabio" checks his perspective while his young assistant fetches some Linseed oil and cotton rags from a wooden chest of art supplies, and an interested local dilettante kibitzes without pause.  Blue Moon figures, along with some Foundry and Minden bits and pieces plus a scratch-built easel, completed in late Winter 2013.

My painter vignette, which was recently featured in the 2014 Wargamer's Annual.  I've just gone back and cropped the original image and sharpened things up with Photoshop Elements 9.  The picture now seems much better than the version that appeared with my article on vignettes, but you'll have to be the judge(s) ultimately.

-- Stokes

1 comment:

Phil said...

I love these kind of vignette, and you made a great job with it, original and beautiful!


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