18 January 2014

Self-Timer Test Photograph. . .

The latest vignette in the series. . .  a generic Austrian cuirassier officer (Minden) and an equally generic infantry officer (RSM95).

Yours truly spent a wonderfully quiet and still winter's day today down here in Zum Stollenkeller, working on the small scenic base shown above.  We had light snow all day, which meant there was little to no traffic on the street, and The Grand Duchess made us special Mexican-style French Toast.  She sliced up a left over length of baguette, soaked it in the egg and vanilla mixture overnight, and, once cooked, we enjoyed it with butter, cinnamon, and sugar on it late this morning.  Can't recall when I've had French Toast as delicious.  And then, bless 'em, The Grand Duchess and Young Master dressed and headed out to the Winter Farmers' Market downtown and then onto some indoor children's things in the same general area.  The house was remarkably still for hours, and it was absolutely great.  I make no apologies for liking my peace and quiet.

So, after brushing my teeth, dressing, and heating some leftover coffee, it was down here to the painting table with cats in tow -- They love hanging around and sleeping in my office with me when I'm in it -- where I pressed on with these two figures, doing most of the detailing and clean-up this afternoon, adding two coats of gloss just before supper.  The groundwork followed the Young Master's bath and bedtime, going quickly.  Last of all, I just could not wait to try my hand at the self-timer on my Sony Cybershot camera, hence the painting table shot rather than shooting (ha, ha) for a more finished picture with the foamcore board lightbox.  

The self-timer on the camera was much easier to use than the instructions in the owner's manual made it seem.  Two seconds don't quite seem enough though, so I've opted for ten here, which gives Mr. Accident-Looking-for-a-Place-to-Happen ample time to back well away after pressing the shutter button.  Apparently.  My all thumbsness notwithstanding, the photo looks pretty crisp and sharp to me.  But I'd appreciate your feedback and (polite) constructive critique since I really want to improve my photography skills and results, so I'm open to suggestions.  Thank you in advance for your time and reflection.

-- Stokes


Fitz-Badger said...

A quiet house, some free time for hobbies, and feline companionship, all sounds good to me. And so does the French toast!

The picture looks good and crisp to me. I think it will look very good with a less cluttered background, but even with it the crispness of the foreground helps it stand out a bit from the background. And, yeah, I never have time if I try to use the 2 second timer. 10 seconds is more like it. ha ha

Peter Douglas said...

Well done on the photo- I've been meaning to try the timer option on my camera and you've inspired me. I must say that you've got some damn fine domestic arrangements!


joppy said...

Looks better than I can manage, though they tell me practice makes perfect, and with digital gadgets you don't have the expense or waiting time of old style film developing.Keep it up.


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