19 January 2014

Photo Experimentation. . .

They might be giants. . .  Another shot of the same vignette, this time against a neutral background in the lightbox.

Goofing around this morning with the camera timer and lightbox.  Here are the particulars:

* Distance between Sony Cyber-shot TX20 camera and subject -- slightly over 8" or 20.5cm.
* Camera flipped automatically into the macro setting.
* Tripod used.
* Self-timer set for 10 seconds. . .  Look Mom, no hands!
* No flash.  Indirect, diffused lighting came from three different lamps each with 100watt "daylight" corkscrew bulb.  One aimed at the top of the lightbox, and two aimed at either side of the light box.  No lights were aimed directly onto the figures.
* Five slightly different pictures were taken.  This one was the best as far as the position of the base and both figures goes.

In Photoshop Elements 9, I pasted in the picture and first cropped it way, way down from the original size, and then used in turn the following bits of editing magic: 1) Select > All, 2) Auto Smart Fix, 3) Adjust Color > Remove Color Cast, and 4) Auto Sharpen.  I finally saved it again onto my computer desktop as a jpeg file.  The original unedited photograph has also been saved.  

Later, today, time permitting since we are headed out tobogganing and then to a cafe for warm beverages afterwards, I'll try the same photo with 9"/approx. 23cm and 10"/approx. 25.5cm between the camera and subject, to find that sweet spot as suggested some weeks ago by Der Alte Fritz.  Be sure to check back later. 

This evening, it's back to the painting table for a while to start either on those Fife&Drum 4-pounder Swedish cannons that have been cluttering the painting table for eons, or maybe I'll start on the next two-figure vignette.

-- Stokes


Phil said...

Nice photo!

Scheck said...

looks really wonderful - this is a splendid vignette!

Sean said...

Finally catching up on your blog. I think your time with the camera and photoshop has been well spent. I think your pictures are looking quite good. Keep experimenting with what works best for you, but I can find nothing for you to improve at this point. Great work.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you, men! It's been a lot of fun experimenting with the camera and(hopefully) improving my photography skills. I thought the time was high to take the quality of what appears here on the GD of S blog to the next level. Be sure to drop by again soon.

Best Regards,



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