13 January 2014

Ernestinsch Sachsen Infantry. . .

 An infantryman in the Sachsen-Hildeburghausen uniform described at the Kronoskaf website.

A wargaming friend, remembering my recent nattering on about eventual plans to paint up an 80-figures unit of Ernestinisch Saxon infantry, troops from Sachsen-Coburg, Sachsen-Weimar, and Sachsen-Hildeburghausen who wore a variety of uniforms, asked if I had any additional information besides the decriptions presented at the Kronoskaf 'Project Seven Years War' website.  I managed to dig up a few through the online Vinkhuijzen Collection (courtesy the New York Public Library) a few months ago, and saved them onto my computer for later reference.  So, Stefan, here is what I've got so far, which seems to match up with, more or less, what Mr. Kronoskaf has to say on the subject. 

Another musketeer, this time wearing the Sachsen-Weimar uniform, also described at Kronoskaf.

Since I've got 60+ RSM95 Prussian musketeers, officers, and musicians cluttering a small plastic box here in Zum Stollenkeller, and the actual troops apparently wore coats in the Prussian cut, my plans are to paint three of the four companies of my planned BIG unit in the uniforms worn by these troops. . .  two companies in dark blue coats faced light yellow/straw and red respectively with a third in white faced red.

 One possible version of the uniform worn by Sachsen-Weimar drummers.  Note the brown coat.

  And here is another possible version.

 For added visual interest, the fourth company, which occupies another plastic box and consists of marching Austrian grenadiers in bearskin caps, will be painted up as red-coated Reichstadt Cologne troops shown below.  It looks from the Knoetel print I've consulted that their coat was more Prussian in cut (less generous?), but I'm not worrying about that too much since my troops are fighting for imaginary countries anyway.  That's the plan, but I've got a way to go with vignettes, wagons, and pontoon troops before I get there.  But what of the eventual standard bearer?  I haven't yet found the inspiration for something that might be appropriate for minor Saxon duchy/principality troops to carry.

-- Stokes

And here is the Knoetel print that is the inspiration behind the planned fourth company of my planed (and final) 80-figure composite regiment of RSM95 infantry.


Andy McMaster said...

That will be one impressive unit when on the table! Look forward to seeing it.

Scheck said...

I am glad to see you are going on with Saxons! Me too, I ordered some figures at Trident in US and will paint them as Regiment von Bruehl.
Hope to see more soon!


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