18 December 2013

The Next Batch of Fife&Drum Miniatures Underway. . .

A selection of the oil paints used this afternoon.

A pleasant couple of hours here in Zum Stollenkeller this afternoon as I began the next four-figure vignette, Fife&Drum figures that will be painted in pre-Continental Pennsylvania uniforms more or less.  Once again, I'm basing my brush work on John Mollo's Uniforms of the American Revolution and  Stuart Reid's and Marko Zlatich's Soldiers of the Revolutionatry War.

Splotches of the various paints mixed with 5-6 drops of Liquin Original. 

And the four Fife&Drum figures currently under the brush.  They don't look like very much yet, but they'll start to come around once various details and some additional lining are added.  They need to dry overnight though before I do anything else.

1 comment:

Conrad Kinch said...

They look fine Stokes - I like the look of the vignettes at the back.


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