13 December 2013

Fife&Drum Works in Progress. . .

The next two batches of figures in the painting queue: General officers and a group of wandering (marauding?) infantry.

Next up on the painting table, two small batches of Fife&Drum figures that were part of an order I made last January. . .  or even longer ago than that.  I think Der Alte Fritz might have tossed in a few extras with my order at the time.  And like the Large Mouth Bass that I am (or a hungry Walleye if you're from Minnesota), I took a big gulp of those shiny lures and was hooked!  Very much a case of "Oooo, look!  I must have some of those!"  And since these  are also 18th century figures, why not incorporate them somehow into my semi-fictitious Grand Duchy of Stollen campaign?  

The generals on the left will have a part to play in my games as commanders of a Stollenian brigade of infantry or one wing of the army.  The group of three infantrymen and a drummer on the right, by contrast, will simply be used to enliven some quiet corner of the table.  I've decided to paint them as members of various Pennsylvania regiments given my own Pennsylvania roots.  I'll use John Mollo's Uniforms of the American Revolution as a guide for both vignettes in any case.  Looking very forward to painting these two groups of figures.  Similar to what I've been doing since August 2006 (7.5 years!!!), yet just different enough to keep my interest and motivation going.  Stay tuned.

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