06 December 2013

Coming Soon: A Saxon General and Officers. . .

First off, here is a Saxon Lieutanant General, looking very dandy in crimson and cream with a silver sash, copious amounts of gold lace, feathers on his hat, and a walking stick. 

Classes have finally ended (Thursday the 5th) for the semester here at Stollen Central!  And while there will be the usual flood of final papers to collect and read through next week, I've finally got a few days, more or less, to myself for some fun stuff.  And then, there is a small vaguely Balt0-Teutonic castle to build and paint for the Young Master, to go with some two-inch high knights and Vikings that are on the way.  Might as well get him started down the toy soldier road now that he's turned four, you know.  That should not be too difficult since he is fascinated with Dad's own toys over on the painting table, especially the horses.  

Next, we have  a Saxon Garde du Corps officer.

So, it's high time to finish the ongoing work on a group of three Minden Austrians, which are being painted in Saxon colors.  While they won't be an exact match for these lovely Kronoskaf illustrations, they'll be close enough.

And here is a representation of a Major General in the Saxon service.

I've also got a fourth fellow on an individual base to group either with the larger base of the three figures, or use as an ADC, galloping off across the field to deliver a change in orders or something.  In the meantime, as I say, here are four illustrations borrowed from Kronoskaf of two Saxon generals and a couple of officers in interesting uniforms.  

 And finally, a Saxon Garde du Corps commander.  The black enameled cuirass and blue silk sash really help make this particular uniform stand out from various other already highly attractive Saxon uniforms.

I decided months ago, in January of 2013 I think, to paint up a few of the then newly purchased Minden Austrian figures in Saxon uniforms to add some visual interest to my tabletop and collection since most of my figures are based on the usual Prussian-Austrian-French models. . .  more or less.  Besides, it strikes me that we don't see too many SYW Saxon military men in miniature out there.  At least not among the blogs, magazines, and books I peruse routinely.  

Surely, that must have something to do with the fact that the Saxon army was a minor force, largely absorbed into the Prussian service during the SYW.  It's a pity we don't see more of them in mid-18th century wargaming set-ups though.  Their uniforms and flags are extremely colorful and attractive, providing a welcome alternative to the usual dour Prussian dark blue.  Anyone else out there fascinated by smaller armies like Saxony's as well as the various Reichsarmee contingents? 


Bluebear Jeff said...

First, allow me to urge you to use that odd figure as an Aide-de-Camp.

And as for the red-coated forces of the SYW, my own Saxe-Bearstein army is loosely based on that of Hanover.

-- Jeff

Bloggerator said...

And equally oddly, I decided to pull out my finger and get on with my 1756 Saxon Leibgrenadiergarde from RSM95 Prussian Grenadiers.

Ahh synchonicity...


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Can't wait to see 'em take form, Greg! I recall you mentioning this particular project some while back. Gentlemen. . . Take your marks!

Best Regards,



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