27 November 2013

Happy (American) Thanksgiving!!!

Strangely (for a guy), I really like old-fashioned Victorian and Edwardian greeting cards.  Long-time visitors to the GDofS blog might recall that rather odd bit of personal information.  Look what I found online this morning!

A day early, yes, but I've got a few moments to myself for another mug of coffee before pie preparation (pumpkin and raspberry) begins in earnest along with a few other dishes for tomorrow and running the vacuum cleaner around the first floor to assist the Grand Duchess.  Wait!  I'm the one who usually swiffers and vacuums anyway.  You know.  One of those emasculated modern males.  No matter.  It gets the job done when it needs doing, so who cares which one of us wears the pants when it comes to domestic duties?  Not me.

In any case, please allow me to wish all American visitors to The Grand Duchy of Stollen blog, wherever in the world you might find yourselves, a very. . .  Happy Thanksgiving!  May your day tomorrow be filled with family, friends, fun, and delicious food.  We do indeed have a great deal to be thankful for in whatever form our respective lives take, something that is all too easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of the 21st century.


Anonymous said...

It's all brownie points as we say in England. All those little things you do around the house add up to days out to wargames conventions etc.
Have a happy thanks giving. At least it was started when you were still English. : )

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you for the good wishes! Ah, but still English in my heart, you know. My maternal grandmother's family left Cornwall for the copper mines of Northern Michigan just over a hundred years ago, and the awareness of that heritage and an affinity for things English was always stressed, to the point that much of English, and indeed, British ways are very comfortable and familiar to me now. Funny how that works.

Best Regards,


Brigadier Dundas said...

I also do the vacuuming here. The amount of "good will" generated makes it worth the effort.
Also English on my father's side. His grand left Liverpool train yards to emigrate to Massachussetts, some 120 years ago; to work on the Boston-Albany line.
Have a great

Prufrock said...

Another vacuumer and dishwasher here. Certainly helps to make life domestic life easier :) I'm not an American, but that's no excuse not to be thankful occasionally. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Stokes and that this time next year you can look back on a new mountain of beautifully painted figures!

Best wishes,

Fitz-Badger said...

A Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Mine won't be filled with family or friends, but there will be plenty of food and fun (and relaxation).

Pierre le Poilu said...

When I took early retirement, I quickly found out that beaucoup de kudos was to be earned by cooking dinner for when my partner arrived home from work. Fortunately, I also found that I enjoyed cooking.

PS, what is swiffering?

Old School ACW said...

Happy holiday Stokes.



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