02 September 2013

Summer's End. . .

Sometimes, you've gotta give in and get your Fritz on!  A mug of North German tea and rock sugar, purchased during our last sojourn to Bremen, Germany during the summer of 2009.  The mug was included in a package of unused figures sold to me by the proprietor of Fife & Drum Miniatures, Jim Purky (Der Alte Fritz himself), in 2008.

You know?  Sometimes the best laid plans don't happen.  And I've been fine with that these last few weeks and months.  Today is Labor Day, the traditional end of summer season here in the United States.  The unpleasantly hot weather has broken.  The central air-conditioner is off, and the windows open.  The sun is out, and the birds and cicadas are singing and churruping away.  

I haven't accomplished very much that I had planned for this three-day weekend.  Not much at all.  Other than a picnic dinner at a local park with the Young Master and Grand Duchess yesterday evening, followed by frozen yoghurt on the way home.  And did I mention we rode out bikes to and from with the Burley child's trailer on the back?  It has been one of the nicest weekends in a long time.  Quiet, still, and not much going on.  I wish that happened more often for us.  The soldiers and painting can wait another day or two.


Grimsby Mariner said...

Sometimes all we need is the peace and tranquility of family and friends. a summers day with nothing to worry about. And frozen yoghurt.

CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz Ulrich,
Did any of the citizens of Stollen recognize you and the royal family? Sounds like a wonderful way to bring the summer to a conclusion.
Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Paul -- Yes, frozen yoghurt makes everything brighter.

Gerardus Magnus -- Taking the hint from Britain's Prince William and Lady Catherine, we were very careful to blend in and leave the fancy duds at home. We opted for very casual summer dress in khaki shorts and short-sleeved polo pull-overs with sandals for the Young Master and Grand Duchess and brown leather deck shoes for yours truly.

Best Regards,



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