20 August 2013

There's a New Blog in Town. . .

Berliner Landmiliz, 1760.  You can see where my mind is headed, can't you? 

Breaking News!  Phil's War Cabinet is back!  Noted wargamer Phil Olley has been hard at work behind the scenes, and it looks like his new blog is going to be an amazing ride chocked full of visual goodies and inspiring copy.  Do yourselves a favor and toodle on over to Phil's War Cabinet right now.  Have a look around and either bookmark or, better yet, click on 'follow'.  This is destined to become one of the greats I'm certain.

In other news, the Battle of the Elbow River has obviously taken a brief hiatus.  The Grand Duchess and Young Master returned last week, which has eaten into my available freetime considerably, much as I love and missed them.  And then, in a double whammy worthy of a WWF tag-team move, I looked at the calendar and noticed, almost as an afterthought, that it was the final week of summer vacation.  Which meant that it was time for. . .  the dreaded annual revision of course syllabi.  And it's gets better, since I have also had to plan and write a new course syllabus, in addition, from the ground up!  A tedious temporal sinkhole at best, let me assure you.  Classes for Fall 2013 start tomorrow, Wednesday, August 21st.  Need I say more?  

Hopefully, life permitting, I can wrap up the game during the approaching weekend and see how things pan out between generals de Latte and von Tschtschke before launching headlong into another three-month painting challenge on August 30th.  Or was it September 1st?  No matter.  Time to get moving on all fronts.  Time and unpainted miniatures wait for no man.


Phil said...

Thanks for the "plug" for the new blog, Stokes.

CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz-Ulrich,

I can commiserate with your plight. Many were the lost weeks in August as curricula were prepared and lessons designed. Now that the Church Fathers have consented to my retirement, these thoughts fade into the warm glow of memory. Have a wonderful semester!
Your Friend,
Gerardus Magnus
Retired Archbishop and University Lecturer

Scheck said...

I also put already a link into my blog to Phil´s Wargaming blog. Thanks for this news.


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