11 August 2013

Heavy Casulties at the Close of Turn Six. . .

 The Stollenian Jaeger zu Fuss inflict another five casualties on Zichenau's von Cziklos Croats on the wooded hill, reducing their numbers to less than 50% of their original strength.  The remaining Croats fled as fast as their feet could carry them.

At half past six on the evening of 4th August 1773, the situation for General de Latte's invading army grew darker in every sense.  Along his front line, de Latte's infantry took heavy casualties from enemy musketry and gunfire, throwing the various units comprising the Zichenauer Army into confusion.  Chaos erupted in some areas as men and horses struggled to escape the carnage.  Still worse, the hussars and Croats attacking the left flank of the Stollenian Army on the eastern end of de Latte's position withered and evaporated in the face of heavy return fire.  The latter caused high casualties within de Latte's units in that area of the battlefield with sheer panic breaking among the relatively few survivors.   

 The combined rifle fire of General von Tschatschke's remaining Jaeger zu Fuss and half of his 13th Musketeers wiped out the seven remaining members of the third squadron, 11th Hussars to a man although a few riderless and wounded horses careened wildly back toward their own lines on the Zichenauer side of the battlefield.

 General de Latte's infantry faired slightly better, but not by much with many of the men cut down in the water by withering musket volleys and canister charges fired by Stollenian artillery situated in the Great Redoubt.

 And on his far left flank, many more infantry were stopped in their tracks by even more Stollenian musket and cannon fire.  Notably, the rush to secure the bridge across the River Elbow by de Latte's 29th (Mittau Volunteers) Infantry was stopped in its tracks.

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Mosstrooper said...

Looks like De Latte's plan is unravelling !, Tony


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