09 August 2013

At the Close of Turn Four. . .

The Zichenauer Infantry began to feel the effects of prolonged Stollenian artillery fire during Turns 3 and 4 with the independent company of the Wolmar-Bock Regiment (in light blue) taking the brunt of it.

Little additional troop movement on either side had occurred by 5:30pm that afternoon thanks to a sudden cloudburst.  However, the artillery on either side was able to resume its barrages again as soon as possible after the rain quit, and the sun returned.  The were casualties on either side, although the Zichenauers suffered especially hard at the hands of the Stollenian artillery crew and its lone gun in the Lesser Redoubt, which blew gaping holes in the ranks of the Wolmar-Bock regiment.  

Presumably, the sudden rain also had something to do with the Stollenian engineers' failure to detonate the bridge across the River Elbow.  You'll recall that they placed a charge beneath it before the battle began in earnest.  At the moment, two brave volunteers have crept beneath the bridge and to its far end to ascertain what the problem is and, hopefully, reset the charge for a later attempt to blow it during Turn Five.

Last, generals de Latte and von Tschatschke have continued to observe the battlefield from their respective vantage points, each man lost in thought.  De Latte finally gave up and napped for a quarter of an hour on a dry tarp beneath a handy Linden tree while di Biscotti nibbled absent-mindedly on a piece of stale jelly donut that he had in his coat pocket.  On the ridge just north of the River Elbow, meanwhile, the Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II droned on behind General von Tschatschke, inquiring about the preferred brands of hair dressing used by the small group of field officers within easy earshot.  The long-suffering Hives rolled his eyes desperately skyward and bit his tongue.

The Wolmar-Bock Regiment has lost seven men thanks to the crack team of Stollenian gunners in the Lesser Redoubt.


Conrad Kinch said...

Good work stokes - keep 'em coming.

Bloggerator said...

Where are my Howitzers?

de L

MiniWargamer said...

Is the mounted commander of the blue unit of infantry in the center an RSM one? I like the look of it.

Battle looks great, as always!

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you for your comments and continued observations, men! Howitzers? You're tough customer, Monsieur de Latte. Yes, that figure is by RSM95. I think he is a Frenchman of some sort. Maybe the mounted colonel although I cannot swear to it.

Best Regards,



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