06 August 2013

A Few Questions. . . A Few Answers. . .

No, not the greatest photograph, but here's another small scene prior to the battle beginning in earnest.  A couple of Zichenauer officers discuss some aspect of the enemy deployment while yet another Croat takes potshots at someone or something across the River Elbow.  The mounted figures are by Minden Miniatures while the firing Croat and shattered gun carriage are from RSM95.

A hearty thank-you to everyone who had a look at yesterday's photographs and/or left comments.  There were two or three questions asked as well, so here are the answers:

1) The cards I plan to draw to determine movement and firing initiative are just plain old playing cards.

2) The object that I mentioned on the right-hand side of one of the earlier photographs yesterday was the group of frolicking aristocrats, who have organized an impromptu garden fête just outside the small village of Clauswitz where they can climb the nearby ridge and observe the coming battle.

3) The artiste, who resembles long-haired Italian actor/model Fabio Lanzoni, and has set up his easel to paint on the ridge above the village of Clauswitz, has a blank canvas.  And, now that I think about it, maybe there is some commentary there?  Anyway, when I painted the figures in this particular vignette last spring, I thought about having some kind of something taking shape on the tiny canvas, but in the end settled simply for painting it tan and then dry-brushing heavily with white to approximate. . .  an unpainted canvas.  It seemed to have broader application to a variety of settings and uses that way than if I tried to render a scene in miniature.

Ok, time to take care of some household chores first, so I can get back to the really important stuff.  Like starting the battle for example!


Prince Lupus said...

Enough teasing surely - let those cannon roar!

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

Are you saying you don't intend for him to paint a panoramic view of the battle as it progresses, showing us the progress of his work turn by turn? Sighhhhh

Enjoy the game!

CelticCurmudgeon said...

Aren't "free days" wonderful?


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