10 July 2013

Command Vignettes Phase II. . .

More Minden Prussians, Austrians, Fife & Drum, and RSM95 officers along with a couple of large French 4pdrs also by Fife & Drum.

Alrighty then.  Time to overcome the summertime, post-vacation lethargy and get my you-know-what back to the painting desk this evening for two hours, following supper and the Young Master's bedtime.  On tap for the planned painting session, a basecoat of white artists' acrylic gesso for the Fife & Drum cannon in the forefront and a start on detailing the Prussian cuirassier and dragoon officers at the far left of the photograph.  

Once these have been completed, during the next several days I hope, I'll begin working methodically through the vignettes of Prussian and AWI officers in the middle row before moving on to the Austrians and blacksmith vignette in the rear row.  I've decided to paint at least some of the Austrians as Polish-Saxon officers in red or crimson, you know, just to keep things interesting and moving forward.  This should take me well into August and the start of yet another academic year.  Sigh.

The two out-of-focus packets that you might notice to the left of the bottles and tines of paints in the far rear of today's picture contain Minden laborers and French artillery crew, all of whom are destined to be painted as a large company of generic sappers/miners/pontooniers, augmented with a few civilians, who will serve either the Stollenian, or Zichenauer army as necessary.  These are the planned project for September and October, once things have calmed down a few weeks into autumn semester.  By that time, I will hopefully have begged and cajoled  some of the new Fife & Drum powder and pontoon wagons, along with horse teams and drivers, from my wife, the Grand Duchess, for the approaching 29th birthday ;-), which should take us into the Christmas and New Year's period, barring any unforeseen developments.  

Then, it might be time to add another large unit of infantry of cavalry, currently gathering dust in the pile of lead and plastic here in Zum Stollenkeller.  I'm also keeping a close and careful eye on the planned development of those Hessians by Fife & Drum.  If they resemble SYW Prussians closely enough once greens have been made and some preliminary photographs appear, I know where future regiments of infantry will be recruited.  In the meantime, I've got enough unpainted RSM95 Prussians hanging around for two 60-figure regiments of infantry.  These require painting in the next year or so.

And finally, there is a solo game to plan and play through during the two weeks in early August when the Grand Duchess and Young Master journey westward for two weeks to visit the other set of grandparents, leaving yours truly to my own devices for a glorious 13 days or so of unstructured, personal time for reading, painting, movie viewing, and listening to the radio.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Enough palaver. . .  To the brushes comrades! 

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warpaintjj said...

Welcome back, that's a busy schedule you have planned! Did I read that you plan a game as well at some point? It would be great to see the "shiny ones" facing each other in all their non-chip glory.
Have fun, warpaintJJ


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