23 July 2013

SYW Scenarios Anyone???

The Courier from March-April 1983, Vol. IV, No. 5, which contained an interesting article on SYW scenarios.

While I've already decided on a scenario for my upcoming solo battle when the Grand Duchess and Young Master depart in early August, I've been pondering an article from long ago that appeared in an issue of The Courier that once graced my stack of hobby-related literature.  The article in question dealt with six or seven tabletop scenarios that featured tactical issues and tasks commonly faced by generals during the Seven Years War period.  

Sadly and foolishly, I got rid of (in other words, threw away. . .  threw away!!??) a huge bunch of old wargaming magazines -- mostly old Miniature Wargames and Military Modelling from the early 1980s along with a few odd issues of The Courier -- about 15 years ago when I finished one program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison and left town to continue in another at the University of Minnesota with an interim year in Norway.  

You know how it is before a move.  Trying to cull the amount of "stuff" before packing everything up and moving it several states away to store in my parents' basement for the next 15 months or so.  About 80-90 old magazines went in the purge, and what a shortsighted decision that was.  Certainly not the first I've ever made.  Hobby-related or otherwise.  And (smacks forehead) most definitely not the last either.

Anyway, might one of you GD of S visitors still have the issue in question?  And, if so, is there anyone among you who might be willing to scan the article, save it in PDF format, and e-mail it to yours truly?  I would be terribly appreciative of your assistance.


Peter Douglas said...


I feel your pain...been there, done that. And I've recently done some serious downsizing of my book collection.

I seem to recall that I have (or had) at least one issue of th Courier from the SYW theme era. I'll check to see which one.

Have you checked with the current publishers of the Courrier? How about Scribd? Or other file sharing forums of dubious integrity?

Every time I see the word Courrier I think fo the "Post Haste" courriers in Baz Luhrman's (sp?) R&J.

Cheers and good luck.


Conrad Kinch said...

Contact me squire.

Tomo said...

I have the issue of "The Courier" in question. Give me a day or so to scan the files and try to work out putting them into a PDF format!

I'll need to know where to send it!

Tomo said...

Contact Conrad, as I am unable to format the four pages into PDF!

Bluebear Jeff said...

The WargameVault has many old issues of The Courier available for downloads. Here is a link to the one you want (cost $3):


Or you can purchase six-issue "bundles" of a Volume for $12.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Looks like you have plenty of options for the needed/wanted issue. It's not one I have myself.

I have done similar culling in similar situations with similar head-smacking later on. ha ha

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you for the assistance/offers of assistance/suggestions gents! I appreciate it, and the article I sought is now in my hot little hands.

Best Regards,


Peter Douglas said...


Enjoy your new found treasures!


Keith Flint said...

Thanks for bringing this article to my attention. After contacting Wargames Vault I now have the magazine on my (computer) desktop. Three really first class scenarios to consider, the only problem being producing the size of table needed. But I'll take that as a challenge to be overcome.

Best wishes, Keith.


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