01 July 2013

Much Afoot at Fife and Drum. . .

Back to the Grand Duchy after a lengthy absence in the name of family vacation.  A good time was had by all, but it was extremely nice -- after navigating three airports, two flights, along with United States Immigrations and Customs officials plus a lengthy drive home from Chicago's O'Hare International mind you -- to walk through one's own front door and close it once the suitcases were unloaded.

So.  Not much going on here at the moment just yet, although I plan to dive back into command vignettes shortly, and maybe even stage a solo game at the start of August.  However, there have recently been lots of neat developments over at Fife and Drum Miniatures, where new Prussian artillery equipment, limbers, wagons, and horse teams have emerged for sale.  Prices are competitive too, and the sculpting/casting is top notch.  But see for yourselves by visiting Fife and Drum Miniatures or the Hesse-Seewald blog, where proprietor Jim Purky has posted new photographs with more scheduled to appear shortly.  

Suffice to say, the Fife and Drum range is really turning into quite an impressive set of figures and equipment every bit as good as, and entirely compatible with, everything produced by Minden Miniatures.  When used together, both ranges permit 18th century gamers considerable scope and variation where troop types and uniforms are concerned.  It's almost too much good stuff at one time and makes dropping off to sleep in the late evenings just a bit harder what with thoughts of charging AWI dragoons, mounted officers, pontoon trains, and special unit/army deals drifting around the ol' noggin

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Bloggerator said...

I am especially enamoured of the mounted officers and will be laying in a stock here in Alzheim.

Hm, i wonder of it's time for the jolly old DoA to explore the 1770s?

Glad to hear you had a jolly time Stokes.


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