12 July 2013

Making the Paint and Liquin Flow Again. . .

Two companies of Minden and RSM95 Croats, painted during the summer of 2012.

By looking back over a few photos of my own figures from the last couple of years.  

Another shot of the same two units along with their officers and unofficial guidon (painted completely by hand).  These pictures were taken on a Saturday morning in late July last year, and, believe it or not, the sun actually managed, somehow, to peek through some of the windows here in Zum Stollenkeller, really brightening up the scene. I've got enough of these left to paint up a third company in yet another (historic) uniform eventually.  Perhaps late next winter or in the spring of 2014?

Here's  a slightly earlier shot, taken a few nights prior, before all of the scenic ground work was finished.  My basing scheme was inspired by equal parts Peter Gilder and Jim "Der Alte Fritz" Perky.  And speaking of Jim, were I to tread the slippery slop that is his delightful Fife&Drum range at an even faster rate, I'd paint up another couple of mounted English officers and name them Major Roderick Snide III and Colonel Marmoset Saddlebag-Plague.  Never heard of him?  I speak of the Shropshire Saddlebag-Plagues of course.  You must get out more, old fruit!

Finally, here is a regiment of Hanseatic Musketeers (comprised of RSM95 Prussian musketeers, officers, and musicians), based on a Knoetel illustration of Luebecker town guard infantry from the mid-late 18th century.  The unit was painted during December 2011-Janaury 2012, and was the first I affixed to multiple bases whose frontages are the same as those stipulated for close order infantry by Mr. Gilder in his In the Grand Manner rules.  While I prefer unbased figures, and began the Grand Duchy of Stollen project with the noble intention of leaving my small armies thus, the multiple bases speed up tabletop maneuvering appreciably.  A welcome compromise albeit one I came to begrudgingly after much mental humming and hawing. . .  and quite a few sleepless nights.


Conrad Kinch said...

I'm a big fan of sabot bases for single based figures - simply because I like maximising the value of my gaming time.

Good to see you back in action Stokes. I hope to see a conclusion to the previously interrupted game or perhaps even another solo effort?

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Ah yes! The Neu Sittangbad game, sad victim of Felinus Interruptus.

Best Regards,


Old School ACW said...

I say there Stokes, the jolly old DoA armies have graduated to multiple basing and have never looked back. moving even a single regiment was a trial, three or four in a move was getting soul-destroying!



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