15 May 2013

Gallping toward the Midnight Deadline. . .

It's 10:28am here.  We're in the Homestretch.  Can I make the February 15th-May 15th Painting Challenge Deadline by Midnight CDT tonight?

Just a few things to wrap up here on those two kneeling Minden Croat vignettes.  Some final painting on the dead horse for the first base.  Red facings, lace, shoulder belts, and small straps plus a bit of dark lining on the second.  Two coats of acrylic gloss for both (four figures in total).  Finish with groundwork which involves a few different steps.  

Not that much really.  Should be able to accomplish everything in fairly short order.  But hold on a moment.  Factor in May Term teaching today for three hours, mowing the grass late this afternoon before it rains again (possibly the forecast says), supper, and the usual evening family things.  Hmm. . .   Is it possible?  Well, I'll give it the old college try.  The Grand Duchess might be on her own this evening after the Young Master has turned in at 8pm.  Terraining the bases might, however, need to wait until tomorrow evening.  Stand by.

On another note, the GD of S blog has managed to pick up a few more followers in the last several weeks.  A hearty "Welcome!" to all of you who have just tuned in.  Tell your wargaming friends and neighbors.  Help spread the good word.  Let's see if we can hit the 200 followers mark by September 1st as I continue assembling and painting vignettes plus that planned reinforced company of pioneers/miners along with some other (a-) historical surprises that are in the the longer term painting queue.  Once we are back from Mexico in July, I've also got some actual gaming planned too.  It's been too long.  Summers are a good time east of the sun and west of the moon here in the Grand Duchy of Stollen.

Update. . . 
I got as far as a coat of acrylic glass yesterday evening by about 10:30pm and the decided to hit the sack.  The gloss seemed to be taking quite a while to dry anyway, but the figures look good this morningLimited terrain work this evening plus the inevitable touch up or two, and then I take a break for the remainder of May while I write the article that goes with all of these different vignettes.  Photos to follow later this evening. 

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