09 April 2013

The Scene Takes Shape. . .

The post-hunt picnic takes gradual shape.  

Painting is now complete on the 18 Jackdaw frolicking aristocrats!  Just the clear glossy acrylic coat and limited groundwork to do before moving on to the two Minden mounted ladies, who will become the Grand Duke's aunts Irmgard and Waltraud -- two thirds of that formidable triumvirate of mature members of the female persuasion, who are determined to see Irwin-Amadeus II marry and produce an heir -- this weekend.  Then, it's back to things military with a company of Minden sappers/miners and some additional command vignettes.  No rest for the wicked!

Dogs, discussion, and dancing take center stage.

It seems that Signore di Polenta likes girls too.  And what a dandy fellow he is!

Ponderous Poetry and Presentations.

Aunt Hiltrud and Uncle What's-His-Name observe the festivities.


John said...

What cool figures! What brand are they?

Andy McMaster said...

Those are looking very good and colourful! I've got some of the Jackdaw to paint myself so will be look at yours for colour schemes!

Conrad Kinch said...

Wow ! What a display ! Well done stokes, they're beautiful!

Chris Gregg said...

A very imaginative and charming set of figures. I particularly like the artist. Your painting technique makes them look like 18th century porcelain.
best wishes

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you for the kind comments, men! The figures are a mix of Jackdaw (aristocrats and servants), Eureka (musicians, conversing Frederick and Voltaire, and dogs), and three odd leftover dualists from Blue Moon that I converted recently into a painter, a micro-managing country squire, and his valet.

Best Regards,


tidders said...

lovely set of vignettes

-- Allan

Bloggerator said...

Delicious Stokes.

Like Sr Polenta. And I'm sure his liking for the ladies goes so far and no further.

de L

Springinsfeld said...

Lovely bright colours and finish, I will check back for inspiration when painting mine.

Scheck said...

Thats really a fantastic set you did! Great colour sheme, good harmony - a enjoy to look at them. Jackdraw only produces in 28-30mm, ian´t it?


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