21 April 2013

Stay Tuned!

Bertie Wooster's ferocious Aunt Agatha, called 'Mrs. Gregson' by Jeeves and all others.

After a lovely, uninterrupted Sunday afternoon's worth of painting, my own Aunt Irmgard and Aunt Waltraud (courtesy of Minden Miniatures), mounted on horses and based together on a single scenic base, are finished painting-wise.  If time permits after supper, I might even return to Zum Stollenkeller this evening to slap a couple of coats of clear, glossy acrylic varnish on them.  Some limited groundwork will follow tomorrow before I move on to completion of painting the base featuring Irwin-Amadeus II and Hives on horseback along with two flummoxed engineer officers, arguing over whether their map is correct. 

1 comment:

joppy said...

Must be a different 'Aunt Agatha'. I remember Fabia Drake playing the dragon, with Eleanor Summerfield as the more gung-ho Aunt Dahlia. Unfortunately aunts and great aunts are no longer what they were1


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