30 April 2013

More, More, More Vignettes!!!

More RSM95 figures removed from their old single bases and regrouped into command vignettes.

I have just finished regrouping older figures in my collection, painted during the last several years, into three additional command 'scenes,' one Stollenian at the front and two Zichenauer at the rear.  On the rear left, you'll note General Phillipe de Latte (dark blue) conversing with his rather animated ADC Major Paolo di Biscotti (white), who makes the point that one can never truly enjoy coffee cakes and sweetbreads without fresh espresso.


tidders said...

nice work on regrouping your old singles into great vignettes

-- Allan

Michael Peterson said...

They look terrific. I really like the irregularly shaped bases.



rob3rod said...

Evening Stokes,
Over the last few months I have admired the finish on your figures. What gloss varnish are you using?
It gives a lovely finish to your troops.
Thanks Robbie.

warpaintjj said...

I can't get over the depth of colour that high gloss varnish gives - really lovely toys.
Best wishes

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you, men! Very kind of you to leave such nice remarks. The varnish I am using right now is Liquitex (acrylic) Gloss Medium and Varnish. It stays exactly where you put it since it is somewhat thicker than Future/Klear floor finish, which I have used since 2006. The problem with the latter though is that the stuff runs everywhere. The Liquitex stuff, while slower to apply, stays put and dries crystal clear in about 10 minutes. A second coat makes the figures even shinier and makes the colors even more vivid. The bases are just heavy pieces of approximately 1/8" thick card that I've chopped into irregular shapes and then carefully rounded the corners with judicious trimming with a sharp hobby knife. I'm after a "look" similar to all of those great old vignettes by Doug Mason that used to grace the pages of Miniature Wargames and the early Wargames Illustrated in the 80s and early 90s.

Bloggerator said...

"You don't say, Biscotti, you don't say..."

de L


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