14 April 2013

Frolicking Aristocrats Finished with a Flourish!

Here they are, freshly glossed and terrained.

Finally finished those frolicking aristocrats by Jackdaw, and I must admit that I feel pretty pleased with them despite the apparent inability to cease and desist with the alliteration.  Maybe I can have something done about that on an outpatient basis?  At any rate, I kept the groundwork to a minimum, adding just a few tiny tufts of vegetation after the sand, a wash of thinned brown paint, and some grass scatter material.  I concluded that my cast of characters here (and they will all receive names) has dispatched to a pleasant clearing, or even a handy meadow, post-hunt to observe occasional tabletop battles from a distance rather than some thickly wooded copse.  After all, you can't frolic like this bunch in rough country and broken ground can you?  Now, it's "Tally ho!" with aunts Irmgard and Hiltrud plus their respective steeds.


Gowan James Ditchburn said...

nice work. they are a fine bunch of flocking aristocrats. even if they are flocking together in a meadow.

abdul666 said...

The 'Old School' style of the Jacdaw (read: they look as if sculpted in the "60) is... well, what it is, but you did a *great* job on them.
I like the shiny aspect which makes them look like 18th C. porcelains from Meissen.

Martin said...

Hey Stokes,

Those will be some mighty fine additions to the tabletop! In his recent book, "The Wargames Companion", Mr. Grant had a scenario that featured a fox hunt. Check it out! Perhaps "The Aunts" will run afoul of Vile Stagonians lurking in the woods!

tradgardmastare said...

Give you joy of your figures Sir!

tidders said...

super little group of vignettes

-- Allan


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