12 March 2013

Painting Projects Yet to Come. . .

The painter vignette with everything, save the easel, all tacked down to the basswood base and waiting for two thin coats of white acrylic gesso.

Just two more photos of things slated for the near painting future.  It feels good to be upright, out of bed, dressed and somewhat better.  Nice to spend some time puttering around here in Zum Stollenkeller trying to get things positioned just so on a base before gluing them in place and thinking ahead to base-coating and painting.

-- Not Quite as Mondo Dismo

A bunch of frolicking aristocrats and a few servants by Jackdaw after the trimming of flash although there wasn't much.  I'll arrange these on bases of between two-four figures each, but the various configurations presented here seem nice for a day in the countryside spent dining, socializing, dancing, and, of course, drinking far more than one ought.

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