25 March 2013

Painting Jackdaw 18th Century Aristocrats. . .

And a most enjoyable Sunday afternoon it was.  

For a few hours yesterday afternoon, I almost felt like Jackson Pollock as I mixed, applied, and dripped oil and acrylic colors everywhere.  It was glorious.  Most of the large areas of color on 18 Jackdaw and two Minden figures -- plus a couple of Minden horses -- are done now and it's simply a matter of applying lace trim and some other smaller details where necessary and appropriate.  Oh, and the vague hint of oils and thinner still lingered in the air early this morning when I brought a mug of coffee down to Zum Stollenkeller.  The two aromas mingled for a little while before I began the week in earnest.  Somehow, it made Monday morning a little less painful.  Know what I mean?

On other related fronts, a Swedish client (and friend), for whom I did a bunch of editing and proofreading recently, had trouble transferring money from her bank account in Budapest to my Paypal account this weekend. She sent me several anguished e-mails expressing annoyance and asked me if I had any idea what we might do to solve the problem. 

Without missing a beat, I replied, "W-e-l-l. . ." I hummed and hawed, not wanting to propose anything too radical,  "You could just pay me in an alternate form. How about I send you an order for some Holger Eriksson figures (a firm she is completely unfamiliar with) that's comparable to your balance outstanding, you place and pay for it, and send the box of figures on from your parent's home when you visit them in Sweden this summer?" 

Problem solved! She was indeed agreeable to the idea of barter (more or less).  I think  some charging cavalry might be just the thing.

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El Grego said...

Aroma-therapy miniatures gamer style - how appropriate!


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