09 February 2013

The Grand Duke Has No Clothes. . .

Eureka's Voltaire, Frederick II and a pair of whippets, who will become Professor Detrius, Irwin-Amadeus II and. . .  a pair of whippets, aka Max and Moritz, who will stand in for the Grand Duke's beloved Portugese Water Dogs.

A small package from Eureka Miniatures USA was waiting with the mail when I arrived home yesterday.  If life is kind, I hope to get them onto temporary bases this afternoon and apply a coat or two of basecoat this evening.  Still waiting on the packages from Minden (laborers) and Old Glory UK (18th century aristocrats by Jackdaw), which should be along any day now.  Somehow, the old Fawlty Towers Theme  keeps going through my head (be sure to click on the preceding link for the full-length tune, composed by Dennis Wilson), which must be one of the first indicators of oncoming and terminal madness.

And the musicians: a string quartet with Frederick II on flute and some weird cat named J.S. Bach on the clavichord.  In the Grand Duchy of Stollen, all are destined to become a group of bumbling court musicians in crimson and green livery.


Gowan James Ditchburn said...

nice figures. full of character too

warpaintjj said...

I want court musicians in my house; musician envy maybe. Don't worry overly about the oncoming "madness" - roll with it - enjoy!
Looking forward to these being painted.

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

Whippets? Whippets!! Freddie had Italian Greyhounds. If Eureka is selling them as Whippets I'll have to have a word with them.

Should all good when you get to it though.


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