14 February 2013

Breaking News: Battlegames to Merge with Miniature Wargames!

The great BG is scheduled to "merge" with Miniatures Wargames in just a few issues.

A bit news came into the offices here at Stollen Central yesterday that has me feeling a bit of I don't know what this morning.  At loose ends maybe?  Atlantic Publishing's Miniature Wargames will absorb Battlegames in the next couple of issues.  Here's the full story in a release issued by Atlantic Publishing yesterday.  In  nutshell, BG's Henry Hyde has been given editorial control over MW and, hopefully, will revamp it to resemble something of its glorious past.  That's the plan at least.  

I've got my fingers crossed, in particular, for something that's a cross between the current thoughtful and thought-provoking BG and the first dozen issues or so of MW from the early 8os.  The latter remain fascinating reads today and, of course, are chock-a-block with photographs of Peter Gilder's, Phil Robinson's, and Doug Mason's figures among others.  Wonderful and exciting news for Henry career-wise, and he's going to be kept very busy I imagine.

At the same time, I am more than a little sad to see BG go.  It really had something to it and was a fresh voice that has consistently been leagues above the eye candy and vapid articles seen in so many issues of Wargames Illustrated, Miniature Wargames, et al in recent years. Frankly, and on a personal note, these two publications simply have not felt like they contained much of interest for many years now.  18 or 20?  Well, maybe that's somewhat unfair, but you get the point.  Sure, I have occasionally picked up an issue at the hobby store in the last twelve years or so and thumbed through it, but that's about it.  Battlegames was different.  Hopefully, Henry will be able to maintain full editorial control over the new MW plus his high content standards without too much micromanaging from the publishers.  

Still, chin up, stiff upper lip, carry on, and all that, chaps!  It should be very interesting to see an issue of the new Miniature Wargames and see how things have turned out.  And I mean that sincerely.  No hint of sarcasm or irony intended.  If anyone can merge the two in a fairly seamless way, Henry can.  And as for Battlegames?  As a friend remarked yesterday, "Battlegames is dead!  Long live Battlegames!"


Big Andy said...

God I hope you are wrong- do we really need to go back to the 1970 again .

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

"Trepidous" describes my feelings.. one hopes that it isn't going to be another Practical Wargamer, or Wargamers Newsletter...... :o(

Chris Gregg said...

I'm with you Stokes. Hoping for a good blend of old and new not too tied in with commercialism. What you are doing with your musicians and labourers is a good example of old school style with modern figures. I enjoyed Practical Wargamer and Wargamers Newsletter a great deal and Classic Wargamers Journal was a worthy attempt to cater for those who like such things, pity it didn't last.


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