02 January 2013

Post-Christmas Excitement by Post. . . and a Brief Review

Can't wait to retire to bed this evening with this new arrival!

Earlier this afternoon, Digby Smith's Armies of the Seven Years War arrived with the mail.  A quick glance through the book -- after wrestling it from its Amazon packaging -- shows it to be chock-a-block with information on the various combatants who partook in the conflict, their uniforms, standards, etc.  While I've been aware of Mr. Smith's book for a couple of years, I only got around to purchasing it with some of Mom and Step-Dad's Christmas gift on December 26th.  I cannot wait to examine it more closely later this evening, and might hit the sack right after supper with some fresh coffee and the book, leaving the Grand Duchess and the Young Master to their own devices for the remainder of evening.  Weeeeeell, maybe not quite that early. . .  but all bets are off by 9 or 10pm!

Thursday, January 4th

I just wrote my first review for Amazon.com on this book.  It reads:

A highly interesting title on the various army uniforms, flags, personalities, and battles of the period. Of particular interest are the chapters detailing the minor players of the Seven Years War, for example the various contingents of the Holy Roman Empire, which are not often covered in nearly as much detail in many other sources, when they are included at all. Lots and lots of period and later illustrations [Morrier, Knoetel et al] of the various troops covered in both B&W and color.   [Despite some minor inconsitencies, typos, and possible misinformation]  Armies of the Seven Years War is HIGHLY recommended and will be a worthy addition to your collection of books on the subject if you are at all interested in the warfare and armies of the mid-18th century. 


tradgardmastare said...

I will be interested to read your thoughts on this later.
best wishes

Grimsby Mariner said...

I'm looking forward to a proper review later. I have this on my wish list too.

Keith Flint said...

I too would appreciate a review. My main question is: is this really a primer for someone new to the period, or does it constitute a serious reference for those who have already acquired a sound knowledge?

Best wishes, Keith.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Stay tuned, everyone! I'll post some more detailed observations, comments, and critique later this coming week.

Best regards,



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