27 January 2013

Can the GD of S blog hit the 200 followers mark?

A photograph from one of the early turns in last year's start of Neu Sittangbad, which has been on hiatus since the attack of the Killer Kittens last November, which necessitated clearing up everything and shifting table location, the removal of a wall, etc., etc.

Things have been too quiet recently here at Stollen CentralToo quiet. It's the usual complaint expressed by many fellow wargamers on so many other blogs and discussion boards.  Work, real life, and the associated mental/physical fatigue take over, and the idea of crawling into bed with a good book after supper in the evening seems more attractive than stealing away to the painting desk or gaming table for a few hours of hobby time.  Yep, the pickings, painting and gaming wise, have been rather slim here on all fronts during the last eight to ten months. 

Nevertheless, people have continued to visit the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog, read, and, apparently, take an interest -- and even pleasure -- in my verbose ramblings about this or thatThe blog has even picked up it's 164th follower today.  Welcome to you, and a hearty "Thank-you!" to the other 163 of you already present and accounted for, who have stayed with yours truly through thick and thin over the last several years.    

Now, may I beg your indulgence, please?  Let's see if we can boost the number of followers to 200+ during the remainder of 2013.  If both you regular followers and occasional visitors know any other gamers, eighteenth century or otherwise, who might appreciate the subject matter and approach to (occasional) tabletop wargaming presented here, please be so good to refer them to the GD of S blog.  Send them a direct link in an e-mail, suggesting to your friends and/or acquaintances that they become "followers," and let's see if we can hit -- or even exceed -- the 200 followers mark by the end of the year.  

Be aware, no prizes or awards will be issued for assistance rendered (as much as I wish that were possible).  However you will have the profound and palpable sense of satisfaction that comes from contributing to a worthy cause.  And why not?  You'll sleep better at night and walk with an added spring to your step with the knowledge that you have made more people aware of the events within and beyond the Grand Duchy of Stollen.  As the two older gentlemen used to say back in the late 1980s in the Bartles and James wine cooler ads on television, "Thank for your support!"


warpaintjj said...

Hi there,

you could follow my blog and maybe comment on occasion too, that way you may pick up a few curious souls from Marauder Moments.

You should know that I have sometimes considered "unfollowing" GDS simply for all the non wargames stuff stuck up at Christmas and the rest of the year periodically. Its your blog of course and others love that stuff but I want to read more about your wargames, your painting, and scenery building.
Those are my thoughts. I love your blog and can see that others do too, so good luck with hitting the 200 followers if that's your target.

Bit ranty, best wishes,

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hello there JJ,

Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Duly noted. Let's aim for more figure painting, collecting, and wargaming-related posts in 2013.

Best Regards,


Bluebear Jeff said...

I am wondering just what is happening with the young ladies the three aunts have lured to meet (and perhaps wed) Irwin-Amadeus.

Please to advise in future posts, sir.

-- Jeff

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Stay tuned,Jeff! Look for an update on that particular situation later this week.

Best Regards,


Rob Faley said...

Long may the blog continue as it is!

Just one point on the wooing of Irwin-Amadeus, isn't he already married to his wife of thirty years, the Princess Ragnhild-Gunnlaug von Nordin


Andrew said...

I can fully appreciate the issues you face - after all I started a blog for something similar and managed two posts!!!! I might return to it even if just to act as a diary of my efforts.

For me the wonderful sight of the arrayed mass of troops on the tabletop or the following of a regiment being painted up to full parade glory is inspiring.

I will pass the good word onto a couple of folks I know.

Der Alte Fritz said...

JJ makes some good points and your comments suggest that you will heed his advice.

I think that your strength is conveying your enthusiasm for the Stollen project and wargame related matters as well as the story telling that creates the back story for events in Stollen. So stick to your knitting as they say and the followers will ensue


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