03 December 2012

You know, there's nothing like. . .

Another lovely old illustration of the man at the North Pole, once again in blue, for the third day of Advent.

There's nothing like a mug of hot coffee with a cold piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast!  Today is the Monday of the last week of classes at my small university.  Hurrah!  Not terribly much to do for yours truly now, just some review discussions, collecting/reading final drafts of term papers, and then submitting course grades late next week.  In most instaces, it is already pretty clear how most students will do, but there are always last minute surprises.

In celebration of the coming month-long Christmas break, I picked up my painting brush in earnest on Saturday and Sunday and began paint to those 20 pledged RSM95, Minden, and Fife&Drum staff figures on foot and mounted.  Just oil and black washes applied to horses, hats, and boots at this point.  Flesh areas will get their treatment this evening.  Let's see how far I get during the next three weeks before the painting challenge deadline on December 24th.  For those painting method techies out there, I'm using primarily alkyd oils thinned with Liquin Original this time around though detailing will be picked out with acrylic hobby paints by Citadel (ex-Games Workshop).

And here is an old German Christmas greeting, showing Santa Claus/Father Christmas in dark green robs with brown fur.  Old-fashioned Green Saint Nicks are my personal favorite.


Peter Douglas said...

My gosh, you are feeling the Christmas cheer this year aren't you!! Are you sure that there's no Pffeffermint Schnapps in your hot chocolate?


Bluebear Jeff said...

I like the green robes too. That's what our "tree topper" wears.

A few decades back I recall a parade in my home town with Santa in red/white but Mrs. Santa in green with black fur . . . she looked great!

-- Jeff

Jiminho said...

That is the Jaeger-version St. Nick!

Good luck with marking. You will be done before mine can even start...


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