29 December 2012

Skiing Daydreams. . .

Here's a neat old skiing poster that has been made, apparently, into a greeting card.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find woolen 'plus fours' for skiing?!

Two more seasonal images for you this morning that have little to do with Christmas and New Year's but everything to do with snow.

And here is an illustration that shows Napoleonic-era Norwegian troops (considered Danes at the time) in a ski-jumping competition.  Apparently, ski-jumping had a more military application at one point.


Peter Douglas said...

Nice pictures. With the ski troops I wonder if the artist had actually seen the troops on exercise. The lack of scarves, hats,mitts and overcoats seems curious to me. Plus firing one's rifle on the fly might be a challenge.


Fitz-Badger said...

Interesting images!

Years ago I had an idea that one day I wanted to do a Winter army for my dwarves, with skis, and even a ski jump terrain piece. Another idea I have yet to get around to (if I ever will). I did have one dwarf figure that came on skis (I think it was an old GW/Citadel figure), but he's long gone and I never added more.

mad padre said...

Shooting while ski jumping does seem a somewhat hazardous undertaking, but could make the Winter Olympics just a tad more interesting. Actually, what winter Olympic sort would not be more interesting if one added firearms? I can't think of any


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