23 December 2012

It's December 23rd. . . Happy Festivus!

Frank Costanza says, "I got a lot of problems with you people.  And now you're gonna hear about it!"  Happy Festivus everyone!

It's amazing what a day of rest and a meal will do.  I feel as close to normal today as I ever expect to come, so let's get back to the pre-Christmas preparations.

Here's a more traditional seasonal image now, another old Christmas card, featuring Father Christmas wearing a wreath of holly around his head.  I keep meaning to plant a holly bush in our back yard somewhere.  A neighbor has one, and it looks beautiful right now.

 First off, December 23rd is, as some of you might recall, Festivus.  I was surprsied to learn recently that this was not just something dreamed up by the writers of Seinfeld as I had thought for many years.  Festivus is indeed real, at least for some.  Click on Happy Festivus to learn more about this enigmatic holiday.

And here is another vintage image of Father Christmas, once more in green robes with brown fur.

On other fronts, the four wooden trucks for the Young Master are just about finished.  I've got wheels on three of them and expect to finish up everything this evening.  They aren't quite as detailed as I might otherwise like, but he'll recognize then for what they are.  I'll post a photograph this evening.

And here is a more recent rendering an old-fashioned Father Christmas that I found on some corner of the internet some while ago.  He fits well into the spirit of this here on the GD of S blog at the moment.

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